Three to One

This system is intended for patiently gamers with moderate capital. It is special in that, that bets on the number, or least likely variable, but it is a very economise system, which are able keep players in the game for a very long time.

How to play:

- You choose your favorite number, and you bet on them
- It is crucial to account status after win
- During the game you may encounter 4 situations:

1. Condition after winning is greater than it was after the last winning - Next time you bet on a chip less
2. Condition after winning is smaller than the previous win - Next time you bet on 3 chips more
3. Status after winning the largest-ever, what has been achieved - Reset bets on 1 chip
4. Condition after winning is the same as the previous win - play with the same amount of chips


On the left is marked with the number of chips bet, right then the number of spins, after which they were bets chips unchanged, than occurred win. Further to the right account balance after win a and the rightmost the description of the action, which follows after winning, by 4 situation. The system can be applied to multiple numbers simultaneously and yet so increase its balance.