Cannon System

The system Cannon is very simple. It was created based on long-term observation of the laws of roulette and also counts with the theory of probability. The basis is, however, under all circumstances, be held and not deviate from its rules.

The capital for this system is 108 chips.

The rules of the system:

- The system includes a table that contains 12 levels.
- In each level is 9 numbers.
- Will you bet so that you put in 1 bet on each number.
- If the spin you win, you go to the next level.
- If within 5 spins not hit number, you're also at a higher level.
- If you walked up to the 12th level, you're coming back to 1 level and the game continues.
- Reach to get 70 chips or more, do not risk and quit the game.

Cannon Roulette System Table: