Will you bet on the color, say red, way Martingale and counting the fact that the color will fall to 4 spins.

1.spin - at the beginning you bet one chip on red, black falls
2.spin - you bet two chips, black again
3.spin - you bet four chips, black again
4.spin - you bet 8 chips

During these four spins can occur two situations:

1. If at any time during the 4 spins you win, going back to the beginning, so the bet one chip.
2. If you do not win or fourth occasion, passest to a new level of cascades.

The cascades, it is actually a progression in different levels.

- If during the first cascade win, going back to the beginning, ie to 1 chip.
- If during the first cascades do not win, you advance to a cascade of No. 2 and so on.
- In all cascades of the same rules apply as in the first cascade.


Remember that if you win in any of the cascade, returning to the top of this cascade, not to cascade No.1.


- 3rd cascade, have begun to bet 3 chips
- If at any time you win in this cascade, do not come to bet 1 chip, but the 3 chips
- Series may be long, but the system is breaking to 4 spins
- Each cascade starts at a higher value of the chips, win often comes in 4 spins
- Often happens, that the win comes a few times in cascade with higher bets which can lead to handsome profits without risk